Photoshop: Tattoo


Students will gain an understanding of the basic functioning of Photoshop
be able to edit images to meet a specific purpose. They will  gain experience with the Photoshop’s 3D tools as well as various image editing tools such as Hue/Saturation, Gaussian Blur, Layer Style, and create a custom image that includes a 3D model.


This lesson uses a variety of Photoshop tools to take an image of a celebrity (or of the student) and add in fake tattoos. Students begin with a photograph and give it tattoos using such Photoshop tools as the Move tool, Transform Scale, Layer Blending Mode, Gaussian Blur, Transform Warp, Layer Opacity, Color Range, Layer Visibility, the Eraser and Brush tools, and adjusting the foreground color. The lessons ends by having students place tattoos on themselves. They will turn in the assignment (before and after) into their blog page.


Tattoo Instructions

Google Classroom


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