Photoshop: Shiny Text

Objective (I can:)

  1. Demonstrate knowledge of software applications
  2. Delineate compatibility issues involving digital file formats
  3. Use vocabulary related to digital graphics
  4. Analyze the designs to decide the point of interest and prominence
  5. Combine graphics for foundation or enrichment curricular projects
  6. Read and use technical documentation
  7. Demonstrate proficiency in and appropriate use of the Internet
  8.  Use lightning techniques including shadows and shading to create an effect
  9.  Publish information in saved files

Method (by:)

Making shiny text in Photoshop is a great way to liven up publications or customer literature. Photoshop text effects can also help to improve the readability of a document, calling attention to headers and helping to make the document’s structure more clear. One of the best ways to create this type of effect in Photoshop is by using the program’s Layer Effects tools on your text. The Layer Effects tools allows you to add drop-shadows, beveling and light effects across entire layers of your image, so you can create shine effects on even large amounts of text.


Shiny Text Instructions

Google Classroom for Photos

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