Animate CC: Getting Acquainted

Objective The student will learn how to do the following: Create a new file in Adobe Animate CC.Understand the different Adobe Animate document types.Adjust Stage settings and document properties.Add layers using the Timeline panel.Understand and manage keyframes in the timeline.Work with imported images in the Library panel. Move and reposition objects on the Stage.Add filters … Continue reading Animate CC: Getting Acquainted


AI: Squirrel & Nut Log (At Home Learners)

Objective: The student will be introduced to some key fundamentals for working in the application. The fundamentals include: Creating, editing, and saving a New Document Drawing shapes using the shape tools (Rectangle, Ellipse, etc..)Editing shapes using the selection and direction selection toolApplying and editing color using's Fill color tools, and swatches panel. Applying and editing … Continue reading AI: Squirrel & Nut Log (At Home Learners)