Animate CC: Getting Acquainted


The student will learn how to do the following:

Create a new file in Adobe Animate CC.
Understand the different Adobe Animate document types.
Adjust Stage settings and document properties.
Add layers using the Timeline panel.
Understand and manage keyframes in the timeline.
Work with imported images in the Library panel.
Move and reposition objects on the Stage.
Add filters and color effects to keyframes.
Open and work with panels.
Select and use tools in the Tools panel.
Preview your animation.
Save your file.


Download the Adobe Animate CIB instructions that is available in Canvas. I have shared a folder in Google Drive that contains all of the assets needed for these assignments. The student will start of page 2 and complete the Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted animated GIF that is pictured above.

Once completed, the student will export the file as an Animated GIF and post to their blog along with a 4-6 sentence summary of learning.


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