Animate CC: Creating Graphics and Text


In this lesson, the student will learn how to do the following:
• Draw rectangles, ovals, and other shapes.
• Modify the shape, color, and size of drawn objects.
• Understand fill and stroke settings.
• Create and edit curves and variable-width strokes.
• Apply gradients and transparencies.
• Use Art and Pattern brushes for expressive drawing.
• Create, edit text, and use web fonts.
• Distribute objects on the Stage.
• Create and edit symbols.
• Understand symbols and instances.
• Apply filters to symbol instances.


Using the downloaded Adobe Animate CIB instructions that is available in Canvas. I have shared a folder in Google Drive that contains all of the assets needed for these assignments. The student will start of page 42 and complete the Lesson 2: Creating Graphic and Text is pictured above.

Once completed, the student will export the file as an JPEG and post to their blog along with a 4-6 sentence summary of learning.


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