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Stop Motion


After this lesson, students will be able to:

  • define and give examples of stop motion animation
  • create their own stop motion animation


Your task is to create a short stop-motion film about any subject you like.
You may work in pairs or individually to complete this project. The outcome
should be as professional as possible. Familiarize yourself with recent
award-winning stop motion films to get an idea of the quality of work being
done. Also ensure that you pay close attention to the marking guide so you
know exactly what you need to do/include to gain maximum marks.

Your animation should be between 30 seconds. You must include at least two characters. It need not be a humanoid, in fact, it might be more interesting if you use an inanimate object instead, but overall you should be able to demonstrate a range of
animation principles and timing with your project. You must demonstrate the 3 animation principles in your work.


Stop Motion Animation Story board

Camera, Iphone

Objects/Clay/Toys etc…


Creating Stop Motion in Photoshop Tutorial


12 Principles of Animation


The student will review and apply the 12 Principles of Animation.


Work through teacher led discussion to identify and act out the 12 principles of animation.

Turn In:

The students will take notes and create a blog post. 

Create a new post on your blog that contains a definition, video example, and explanation of how the video clip you chose represents each of the 12 principles of animation.