Maya: Modeling from a Source Image

Objective: Apply knowledge of tools and techniques in Maya to create a 3D model of a character using reference images. Method: We will work through the process of creating a character model of a simple penguin in class. We will learn to import images to use for reference in our project. We will use numerous … Continue reading Maya: Modeling from a Source Image


Hard-Surface Modeling-Creating a Low-Poly Building

Objective: Continue working on developing your modeling skills in Maya. Method: Use the Pluralsight videos to master the proper steps in modeling a basic low-poly building. This will be an exercise in developing and adding onto the skills that you attained in the last tutorial. We will also begin discussing modeling in this tutorial. Turn … Continue reading Hard-Surface Modeling-Creating a Low-Poly Building


Objective:work on becoming more familiar and comfortable with modeling tools in Maya Method:Follow the below tutorials to master the proper steps in modeling a basic humanoid character.The videos are in an older version of Maya, but most of the tools are the same. In video 3 you will use the bridge tool instead of the … Continue reading MODELING A SIMPLE HUMAN CHARACTER

Stop Motion

Objective After this lesson, students will be able to: define and give examples of stop motion animationcreate their own stop motion animation Method Your task is to create a short stop-motion film about any subject you like.You may work in pairs or individually to complete this project. The outcomeshould be as professional as possible. Familiarize … Continue reading Stop Motion

12 Principles of Animation

Objective: The student will review and apply the 12 Principles of Animation. Method: Work through teacher led discussion to identify and act out the 12 principles of animation. Turn In: The students will take notes and create a blog post.  Create a new post on your blog that contains a definition, video example, and explanation … Continue reading 12 Principles of Animation

History of Animation

Objective:Identify and discuss important people and events that played a role in the development of animation. Method:Introduction through teacher led discussion, view multiple shorts that have impacted the industry throughout history. Turn In:Choose either a noted animator or character from the world of animation and create a 3-5 slide presentation over their impact/importance on the … Continue reading History of Animation