Objective:work on becoming more familiar and comfortable with modeling tools in Maya Method:Follow the below tutorials to master the proper steps in modeling a basic humanoid character.The videos are in an older version of Maya, but most of the tools are the same. In video 3 you will use the bridge tool instead of the … Continue reading MODELING A SIMPLE HUMAN CHARACTER


InDesign: Introduction

Objective: The student will learn how to do the following:• Open documents.• Select and use tools.• View information in the Properties panel.• Use the Application bar and Control panel.• Manage document windows.• Work with panels.• Customize the workspace.• Change the magnification of a document.• Navigate through a document.• Use context menus and panel menus.• Change … Continue reading InDesign: Introduction

Introduction to Character Animator

Objective: The student will follow tutorials about Adobe Character Animator. This the application software lets you animate characters with your voice and a webcam. Students will then create their own character and create a mini skit that illustrates the following: Creation of own character *you may create your own puppet from scratch or you can … Continue reading Introduction to Character Animator

Text Effects in Illustrator

Objective:This is an introduction to applying effects to text. Method:Use the following Link to search for THREE tutorials on Text effects. The goal is to gain an understanding of how to apply different effects to text.Use YOUR NAME (first only) in place of the word in the tutorial. You will choose THREE different text effects to complete. **Do not … Continue reading Text Effects in Illustrator

Gradient Meshes: Lily Pad

Objective:Expand your skills with gradient meshes and blends. Method:Use this tutorial to create several floating lily pads with flowers. Turn In:When finished, make sure to save as both an .ai and a .png file. Post your .png file to your blog and discuss the tools used in the project and what you thought about the project as … Continue reading Gradient Meshes: Lily Pad

Gradients and Blending Effects-Jellyfish

Objective:Deepen knowledge and skills within Adobe Illustrator Method:Use this tutorial to learn about gradients and blending mode effects in order to create a glowing jelly fish. You will also learn how to create new brushes and use the Scatter brush tool. NOTE: This is a challenging assignment. It is going to test your problem solving skills. Turn … Continue reading Gradients and Blending Effects-Jellyfish

More Simple Shapes-Yeti

Objective:Reaffirm previous knowledge of basic shape tools and learn other modification techniques with the Pathfinder panel. Method:Use this tutorial to create a “Not so scary” Yeti. The look must be the same, but feel free to play with the colors. Turn in:Save the finished design in your illustrator folder as both an .AI and a .PNG file. … Continue reading More Simple Shapes-Yeti

Animate CC: Animating Symbols

Objective: In this lesson, the student will learn how to do the following: • Animate the position, scale, and rotation of objects using motion tweening.• Adjust the pacing and timing of your animation.• Animate transparency and filters.• Change the path of an object’s motion.• Create nested animation.• Split a motion tween.• Change the easing of … Continue reading Animate CC: Animating Symbols

Animate CC: Creating Graphics and Text

Objective: In this lesson, the student will learn how to do the following:• Draw rectangles, ovals, and other shapes.• Modify the shape, color, and size of drawn objects.• Understand fill and stroke settings.• Create and edit curves and variable-width strokes.• Apply gradients and transparencies.• Use Art and Pattern brushes for expressive drawing.• Create, edit text, … Continue reading Animate CC: Creating Graphics and Text

Animate CC: Getting Acquainted

Objective The student will learn how to do the following: Create a new file in Adobe Animate CC.Understand the different Adobe Animate document types.Adjust Stage settings and document properties.Add layers using the Timeline panel.Understand and manage keyframes in the timeline.Work with imported images in the Library panel. Move and reposition objects on the Stage.Add filters … Continue reading Animate CC: Getting Acquainted