AI: Squirrel & Nut Log (At Home Learners)

Objective: The student will be introduced to some key fundamentals for working in the application. The fundamentals include: Creating, editing, and saving a New Document Drawing shapes using the shape tools (Rectangle, Ellipse, etc..)Editing shapes using the selection and direction selection toolApplying and editing color using's Fill color tools, and swatches panel. Applying and editing … Continue reading AI: Squirrel & Nut Log (At Home Learners)


The Bouncing Ball (At Home Learners)

Objective: I can apply learned skills in Animate CC and demonstrate a basic principle of animation to create the illusion of a ball bouncing across the stage Method: Following the tutorial videos, students will create a bouncing ball effect using the animation principle of Squash and Stretch. I will also demonstrate my ability to use … Continue reading The Bouncing Ball (At Home Learners)

AE: Animating with Music

Objective: Gain a working understanding of the After Effects User Interface and the art of Motion Graphics. Method: Work through the provided course on to learn the basic fundamentals of After Effects CC by adding animation to text and syncing to music. Turn In: Post screen snips at least every other day to your blog as … Continue reading AE: Animating with Music

Create Your Own Multiple Me

Objective The student will take the photoshop skills they have learned in the Multiplicity Assignment and create their own multiple me photo. Requirements: 1 subject: Could be a sibling, a parent, friend, any family member really or yourself 3-5 poses  2 of the poses should be interacting with each other. Be Creative Resources This video … Continue reading Create Your Own Multiple Me

Multiple Me

Objective Actually creating an illusion in Photoshop requires planning and strategy before executing the final project. In this assignment you will be creating the illusion of a single person occupying and interacting with themselves in a single scene. Method Using the videos below and the resources found in Google Classroom, put together a Photo where … Continue reading Multiple Me

Lighting Challenges

Objective: Work on texturing and lighting a pre-modeled scene to create a high quality rendered still. Method: Download the scene from Google Classroom. Save the Lighting Challenges folder. Use creativity to make the scene come to life. The scene needs to have textures and appropriate lighting. Render the completed project out in HD540 and … Continue reading Lighting Challenges

Character Animator: Southpark Objective The student will become familiar with the animation process in Adobe Character Animator CC. They will learn how to Import assets, sync Adobe Illustrator and Rig the character for animation. Additionally, the student will use the Triggers and Lip Sync functions to sync their puppets movements and voice recordings to the animation. Keywords … Continue reading Character Animator: Southpark

Illustrator Mastery Lesson: Create a Southpark Character in your likeness

Objective The students will demonstrate their mastery of standard graphic design tools in Adobe Illustrator by creating a original work with 70% accuracy. The students will also demonstrate their ability to group and organize their work to maintain a clean and efficient work space.  Method In order to accomplish the objective, the student will use … Continue reading Illustrator Mastery Lesson: Create a Southpark Character in your likeness