AI: Squirrel & Nut Log (At Home Learners)


The student will be introduced to some key fundamentals for working in the application. The fundamentals include:

  1. Creating, editing, and saving a New Document
  2. Drawing shapes using the shape tools (Rectangle, Ellipse, etc..)
  3. Editing shapes using the selection and direction selection tool
  4. Applying and editing color using’s Fill color tools, and swatches panel.
  5. Applying and editing stroke size and colors to an object
  6. Working within layers, isolating layers
  7. Working and editing Type font, size, and color
  8. Creating shapes using the Shape Builder tool
  9. Creating shapes using the Curvature tool
  10. Transforming objects using Selection tool, Direct selection tool, Eraser tool, and Shape Builder tool
  11. Working with symbols
  12. Creating and Editing Gradients
  13. Placing and transforming an image using image trace
  14. Applying, editing, and using the paint brush
  15. Applying alignments to artwork
  16. Working with stylizing effects like drop shadow.


Using the Adobe Illustrator CIB: Squirrel & Nut instructions and assets that is available in Canvas. The student will complete the Squirrel & Nut logo that is pictured above.

Then the student will Export the logo as a .png file and post it to their blog with a 4-6 sentence summary detailing their learned outcomes.


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